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You are a craft brand? Find Chinese boutique retailers in a click!

B Platform connects craft brand creators with small physical boutiques in China, to test their products on the world's largest retail market.

Our Solution

B Platform puts you in touch with more than 250 retailers in the largest cities of China. Enabling you, as a small brand, to export your products easily and in a secured way. Open up the scope of your possibilities !

Easy access to the Chinese market, to test the consumer's taste for craft products

Open to a new market and develop your sales potential to increase your turnover

Make your brand known on a major retail market and develop your own community

Find trustful partners to export to China for the long run

Our Community

B Platform promotes high quality and sustainable brands in Fashion, Food and Design




How it works?

Based on the marketplace website, we are building our solutions by two steps:

STEP 1 -
A marketplace to facilitate communication between creators and boutiques

STEP 2 -
End-to-end solution to guide members in their trades and logistiques

Our Story

Sino-European, Wei has more than 10 years of experience in corporate strategy and financing in various sectors (transport, commodities trading, energy distribution, banking, etc.). A graduate of INSEAD Global EMBA and Kedge Business School, Wei got the idea of ​​B Platform when she sought to promote cultural exchange between France and China.

"I started from the observation that small brands and craftspeople often had difficulties to export their creations to Chinese market: perceived as too complicated or too risky. On the other side, China is welcoming more and more high quality foreign brands to raise its diversity. Young Chinese consumers become more demanding and appreciate better authentic creations, so we had to develop a solution, simple, safe and direct for creators, which will allow them to find their right place in this huge demanding market."

- Wei SUN, Founder of B Platform

Our Timeline

  • Jun 2017

    The idea was born

  • Oct 2017

    Company regestration in Paris

  • Jun 2018

    Marketplace prototype tested by brand creators

  • Mar 2019

    Launch of crowdfunding campaign

  • Jun 2019

    End-to-end services kick-off

For new B Platform users (creators, craftspeople and boutique buyers)

3 months Marketplace membership

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