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Blog #2 – Why did I launch B Platform?


Why did I launch B Platform?

Graduated with an MBA from INSEAD in 2016, I decided to work on trade issues between China and Europe, so I started in entrepreneurship.

B Platform is a B2B accelerator that connects craft brand creators with more than 250 shops in the largest cities of China. The platform will enable a small brand to export their products easily and in a secured way.

Based on our website (marketplace), I would like to go a step further and design more crossborder business services for members, both designers and shops. These services include:

Two questions came back very often to B Platform during the first year of this adventure:

Question 1: Already 3 million Chinese tourists in France, is it still useful to export handicrafts in China?

My answer: Today we live in a connected world via the internet, but the desire to travel will never stop within the humanity. Traveling allows us to discover new cultures in a timely fashion and this is just one way. Today China is a country with full multicultural immersion and is welcoming more and more foreigners, which is the season why we see thousands of European-style shops and restaurants blooming in the big Chinese cities. Young Chinese consumers becomes more demanding and better appreciate the authentic products. The creativity coming from the old European continent will not be replaced by local workarounds in China.

Question 2: Will I lose brand exclusivity in the Chinese market if I become a member of B Platform?

My answer: While China still has a mysterious face for Europeans, the reality is that the size and potential of this market are so important and the majority of Chinese brands so different, that your brand will remain exclusive regardless of the way that you choose to enter this market. The key to commercial success is staying true to your own creative identity and targeting your own local community of professional buyers.

Many experts in the Retail sector have anticipated the significant change in the behavior of Chinese consumers in 2019. These consumers’ choice becomes more sophisticated, personalized and also responsible for the environment and the society.

While waiting for the official launch on a platform of crowdfunding, we will create and diffuse all the elements of communication to animate the campaign and federate a maximum of supports. On your side, do not hesitate to share all our news around you!

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