Blog #4 Where will we use the money that we are raising?

Where will we use the money that we are raising?


B Platform is running this crowdfunding for mainly purposes below:


For a B2B platform, what is the point to launch a crowdfunding campaign?

Indeed B Platform’s business model is a B2B services provider dedicated to the deals between craftspeople/designers and boutique buyers, but we noticed during the first months of our startup that this community was not wellknown by the business world in France, even worse on a crossborder market. That is the reason why B Platform initiates the crowdfunding, in order to target in particular potential consumers who are not yet reached by our community today.


How will our contributions serve the development of craftspeople and creators?

Based on a Marketplace platform (where sellers and buyers can already chat and trade freely), we wanted to take a step further and assist the creators / artisans in their adaptation and exports to the Chinese market.

This end-to-end offer, providing legal, marketing, logistics and paper working to our customers, requires more investment than our company’s current capacity. The costs will be allocated into below priorities:


Why did you choose the crowdfunding as financing instrument?

Crowdfunding can be very effecient in supporting B Platform’s communication. We are a young startup taking its first steps. Nevertheless, our mission concerns a large international community. We hope that through this crowdfunding, we will have the opportunity to get our messages across the community and get the most innovative, thoughtful and responsible consumers to join!



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