Blog #5 Treat yourself with crafts and creator brands in 2019!

Treat yourself with crafts and creator brands in 2019!

We are now 15 days from our crowdfunding! We know you are keen to know how B Platform reward you on your contribution. Here are some details about the counterparties we offer:

The rewards for individuals

• You give 10 euros to B Platform, we will thank you for your support to craftspeople and creators with a Facebook message to show our proudness! (under your permission)
• You give between 25 and 80 euros, then you will be able to treat yourself with 3 to 10% discount on one of our partner brands, according to your contributions level
The brands we work with are all independent artisan brands that we’ve met in professional fair and showrooms (for example, M & O, MiF, SIAL, etc.)
If you know any craftsmen or fashion creators who will be interested in finding a boutique buyer in China, do not hesitate to recommend them to B Platform with the link here!
• For supporters who give 150 € and 200 €,  you will be rewarded with two types of exclusive guide made by B Platform, either to choose your favorite craft brands, or to discover the most trendy addresses in China
• And finally, for those who contribute 500€, you are really interested in our business model and want to take part, let’s start the journey by inviting you to participate, as a guest, in an event orgnized between B Platform brands and buyers

The reward for the creators, craftsmen or professional buyers

We also wanted to involve our clients or future clients in this crowdfunding as well because they testified the difficulty for the SMEs to access the Chinese market, and want to give a boost to B Platform.
• With 49 € of contribution, we will grant you 3 months of free Marketplace subscription which will allow you to fully embark on this unique adventure!


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