Why we choose to shift the launch of our campaign ?!

Dear Friends,

As you may know, we planned to launch our crowdfunding campaign in early March ... We launched the pre-campaign to promote this crowdfunding recently. Time during which we offered to brands and creators to become our ambassadors, and many of you solicited us! A big THANKS TO YOU !

We have decided to extend this pre-campaign period by one month, so that we can:

1) Refine our offer to final consumers to meet their expectations,,

2) Involve a maximum of professionals interested in joining the crowdfunding campaign,

We plan to launch our crowdfunding campaign in early April!

The creators and craftmen who would like to use B Platform from September, by participating to our crowdfunding campaign you can access a special offer:

49€ (147€) -66%
three months subscription to our marketplace

Register here to not miss this great offer: https://fundraising.bplatform.fr/ . It will only take a few seconds!

We will continue to create and share our communication (even more than in February!) to animate the campaign and pool a maximum of supports. We are counting on your participation !

Thanks for your support ❤

Wei @ B Platform


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