Blog #12 On board Station F - B Platform Collect

Blog #12 On board Station F

On board Station F!

Dear community,

Following the launch of a public campaign in January, I have been solicited by many of you: artisans, creators, buyers, partners, or even people who simply support my idea and recommend us contacts… First of all, a big thank you for your support!

B platform is recently recruited as a resident startup within Station F, the world’s largest entrepreneurship incubator. Located in the 13th arrondissement in Paris, it hosts close to 1000 start-ups and will provide us with greater visibility and credibility with regard to the media and investors. So our project will take a fresh start!

Our priority is to satisfy you and guide you in the whole export process, both for sellers and buyers. The model we are building must allow you to establish a stable relationship with your cross-border trading partners without being subjected to lobbying. We understand that this adventure is above all human, facing this immense country that is at the dawn of a free-trade openness, and of diversity.   

Please stay tuned with us for your cross-border partners’ news. And don’t forget that you can still benefit from our special offer during the month of April: 

€49 (€147)-66%

three months subscription to our marketplace

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Thank you for your support

Wei @ B Platform


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